Offering rare and unusual plants on Vancouver Island. 

Our website contains a brief view of our catalog and useful information.  

About Us

Welcome to Island Passions Nursery!


Our focus is the plants that will put the WOW  factor into your yard or patio.

Our plants are often described as long blooming, bold and definitely different!

Many of our plants outperform similar cultivars found elsewhere.

Were BIG on flowers and fragrance.


Angels Trumpets blow away pretty much everything in this regard. Waves of MASSIVE flowers from early July to mid October and the fragrance is amazing. 

Best of all the deer NEVER touch them.

 ( poisonous to all so a little care is required )

Or maybe you want a fast bold tropical statement!


These are King Kong Cannas. 

These add a tropical flair to your patio quickly.

Other Cannas just cant keep up.

( Hummingbirds LOVE the flowers. )

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Non-Invasive Bamboo for every yard.


We only offer Fargesia Robusta and Fargesia Rufa.

Awesome quick growing specimen plant or as a hedge for privacy. Now accepting orders for spring 2020.

Rose Lilies Bloom twice as long.


Triple the petals but none of the pollen.

Super Hardy and multiply fast like normal lilies but that is where the similarities end.

Absolutely stunning!

Canadian made palm trees.


Ours are Canadian made from Canadian parent stock. So better hardiness then fresh from California imports others have. 

We also offer hybrid palms with more rigid fans.

We only do one succulent


Lots of debate on its official name. We call it Mexican Snowball. Blooms May to October. and hummingbirds love it! 

Hardy orchids. Easy to grow.


These are super tough. 

Beautiful flowers.

 Grow into a delightful clump.

Passion vines that bloom June to Oct.


Our passion vines will put on a show all season. Most of our cultivars are unavailable anywhere else on the island.

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We offer other plants that will exceed your expectations.

Why settle for average?

Book your Angels Trumpets early to avoid disappointment 

Tips for Angels Trumpets and Cannas

Start with REALLY rich well drained soil. 

Use time release granule fertilizer for hanging baskets.

 Bigger the pot bigger the show. 10 gallon minimum but bigger is better.

New introductions coming!

 Digitplexis ilumination "Flame" is a new hybrid of two VERY different plants. It is sure to be a hit.

These will sell out early. You can reserve yours with just an email.  

Check it out on Google.

Garden events

The Cowichan Valley Garden Fair will have the biggest selection of plants of any garden event on the island. Shop early it is frantic!

Mothers day at Hatley Castle is a very fun event in Victoria that we will have a limited cross section of our plants available at.

We will also be at the Cedar Farmers Market on Mothers day. Another fun and frantic event so shop early!


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Our schedule for the 2020 season.

We no longer conduct sales on site at our greenhouses. You can find us at farm markets and specialty garden events on Vancouver Island.  

Our season starts Saturday April 25th at the Cowichan Valley Garden Fair at the exhibition grounds. 10am to 2pm

Our primary markets are:

The downtown Duncan Farmers Market starting Saturday May 2nd until June 27th. 9am to 2pm

The Cedar Farmers Market starting Sunday May 10th until June 28th. 10am to 2pm

The map shows the Cedar Farmers Market location. 

1984 Woobank Road, Nanaimo A, British Columbia V9X 1K6, Canada

Please check back for other events we will be attending.

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